"Before Satori [enlightenment], chop wood carry water. After Satori [enlightenment], chop wood carry water."

Our Programs

As of January 2015 we have taken a new approach to our farm/center. We have decided to break it down into three phases in which you can read about in the “about” section under mission.

Part of our new direction is to focus solely on the farm aspect to get it all up and running. With this we will be able to offer day trips that will be educational for all that come to visit us, we will offer field trips to local schools as well. Below you will read about our extended programming we will offer in the near future.

Healing Programs

Healing approaches will include meditation, diet, garden work, emotional processing, physical rehabilitation, contemplation, creative expression through movement, yoga, art, toning, & consultations with wellness practitioners.

Education Programs

Educational programs will be hands-on, from farming to cooking to upkeep of the center: visitors will learn how to live a sustainable and balanced lifestyle, while working with the needs of their own bodies, minds, and spirits.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits us all by promoting self awareness, the first step to self-regulation. It retrains the brain for serenity and focus, and can reverse depression and anxiety. All visitors will learn a basic form of meditation and practice as part of the daily schedule.

CSA info

Spring and Fall CSA’s available for 2016

When do you start receiving your CSA?
Our first pickup usually begins in mid May and runs through near the end of August, depending on mother nature. This is the Spring/early Summer CSA and runs for 15 weeks. Our late Summer/Fall CSA will run from the end of August through November for a 14 week pick up.
The dates we expect are:
SPRING/EARLY SUMMER May 14th through August 20th
LATE SUMMER/FALL August 27th through November 26th
this all depends on how mother nature so please keep this in mind.

Each week you will receive 5-10 different varieties of vegetables. Depending on the share size will determine the weight amount you’ll receive. A typical full share ranges from 8-10 lbs. and a half share would be 4-6 lbs. You will experience a variety of vegetables that changes with the seasons.

We currently have started, Beets, Carrots, Radishes, Bunching Onions, Cabbage, several varieties of lettuces, Kohlrabi, Mustard green, Collard greens, Kale, Spinach, Watercress, Turnips and more sprouting in the greenhouse daily! What a GREAT season this is going to be!

We will be providing shares available to families that have immediate members whom suffer from particular life challenges as well as those living on or below poverty level income. Offering a sliding scale to those families that qualify based on income. Not to forget the general public, without you we wouldn’t be able to do this!

Farming Project

The farm will be for educational and therapeutic purposes for our visitors, a source of healing and nourishing foods and herbs, and also as a funding stream through the sale of produce and cottage-industry products at local markets and restaurants along with educational workshops.

Elements of the farm include:

  • – Outdoor seasonal vegetable, herb, and flower garden.
  • – greenhouse for winter gardens.
  • – Beekeeping to come soon
  • – Free-range chickens/eggs

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