Chop Wood Carry Water Retreat Center (CWCWRC) Will one day be a healing and educational center offering programming for targeted groups facing particular life challenges, as well as the general public, for the purpose of bringing humans back into balance with themselves and the natural world.

CWCWRC is taking a new, more gentle, three phase approach to how we can make the retreat center and farm a reality, without it being overwhelming to our audience. During each phase we will host field trips as well as workshops. Funding for the center and farm will come from our CSA, Farmers Markets and the generosity of the public and private contributors. Our goal is to work through all three phases within a five year period.

PHASE 1: The first phase towards reaching our goal is establishing a working farm. The farm is the foundation of the center, providing the nutrition for our clients, as well as a deeper understanding and appreciation for how food is grown, cultivated and brought to the table. This is the soul of the center, and through this we are able to work farmers markets and share our vision for the center with others through direct communication and teaching. We will also offer a CSA program (see CSA) that will allow people to buy into our produce production at a discounted rate early in Spring. Through this phase not only do we get personal interaction with the public, but hopefully we will also be able to make contacts that will help push us onto phase two.

PHASE 2: This second phase, land acquisition, is exactly what it sounds like. After the initial farming phase is established, the next step will be to acquire land for the permanent farm and center buildings. We hope to have the land (20 plus acres) acquired within 2 years (2017), if not earlier, so we may begin to prepare the fields and soil for larger scale farming. The land we hope to find would be within an hour drive of Nashville, if not closer. Primitive-style retreats can begin once we accomplish this phase as well.

PHASE 3: We hope to begin construction of the main center in 2017-2018. This will create a space for those with particular life challenges (and those that care for them) to come and spend time getting back in touch with themselves and the Earth. Meanwhile, construction of tiny home guest quarters will also take place in this phase, as well as continuing with the farming. By 2020, we hope to have phase three completed and the entire retreat center fully-functioning.

* The original Buddhist phrase is,

Before Satori [enlightenment], chop wood carry water. After Satori [enlightenment], chop wood carry water.